Evyat Bed

Our company manufactures Evyat beds to Erzurumu and many cities around it.

Cardboard Box

The only cardboard box producer in Erzurum and the largest in the region

Erzurum Copper

We manufacture Erzurum-specific copper works.

Kardelen Group

Since 2015, Erzurum's sole and the largest cardboard box producer of the region, the producer of Erzurum-specific copper embroidery and the region's Evyat mattress manufacturer.

About Kardelen Group

Our company, which has international experience in the business life for many years, was founded by our chairman of the board, Resul Çankaya. Our company, which started to work with well-established companies in Erzurum, has the principle of continuous development since the day it was founded. Our company has started commercial activities in the fields of bed, box, copper manufacturing and has reached the holding level.


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